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Ho Chi Minh welcomes tourists from around the world to its wonderful collection of the ancient and the cutting edge, from the splendid galleries and primeval pagodas to the ultramodern movie theaters and stunning convention facilities. Although this former South Vietnamese funding is gurgling with energy from the vibrant bars and lounges, the malls and dining establishments, visitors can still find practice and appeal in lots of parts of the city. A fine combination of Ho Chi Minh’s old and the brand-new, of the traditional and contemporary, is seen in Dai Nam Park. Lauded as being Vietnam’s topmost man-made tourist website, the architectural marvel of the Park is a triumph of the historic and the modern, with movie theaters, camping site, water theme park, mall, restaurants and enough holy places embellishing its properties. Go on a safari at the sprawling grounds of the Open Zoo, stretching everywhere throughout a location of 12.5 hectares and watch the wonderful variety of pets, myriad hued birds of seventy-six varied varieties, reptiles and what not. Especially amusing are the unusual breeds of white peacocks, hippos and imperial white tigers.

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Background lovers will certainly delight in Ho Chi Minh’s abundant history at the comprehensive temple premises, embracing a small model of Vietnam with its artistic towers from the times of the Hung King to the modern world. 2 of these unmatched architectural marvels are the Bao Son Mountains and the Dai Nam Quoc Tu Temples. Saigon Shopping Tour is teeming with museums dedicated to myriad genres. The War Remnants Museum is a gruesome representation of the fierce devastations of the Vietnam War and the brutalities caused on the Vietnamese by the Americans. The displays at the gallery produce the dark memories of the War with the appalling tiger cages for locking up battle detainees, the UH-1 Huey helicopter, M-48 Patton Tank, pesky visuals photos, and the hideous My Lai carnage screens.

Quite unlike the repugnant arsenal of the War Remnants Museum, is the captivating cache of the Fine Art Museum, likewise a lovely mixture of the past and existing imaginative thrills, symbolizing paintings of current pros along with astonishing works of the Cham and Khmer times. Various other museums of note are the neo-classic Revolutionary Museum, the History Museum, Ho Chi Minh City Museum and the Museum of Southeastern Armed Forces. A visit to the city of Vietnam, flanked by the Mekong River, will certainly continue to be insufficient without touring the gigantic piles, which stand with their heads high and happy. One such magnificent piece of job is the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, an extraordinary instance of the neo-Romanesque design. Just as interesting is the Reunification Palace, an icon of the Vietnamese Independence and the benchmark site of the President’s residence in addition to workplace during the War.