Implementation of BPM for insurance companies

Successful performance of an insurance company depends on loyalty not only of clients, but also agents. When the client faces bad service, it, of course, causes irritation, but, eventually, the client addresses to the company one-two times a year.

The agent, first, communicates with the company daily, and secondly, costs of process are reflected in its earnings, it generally goes from percent from sales. We will take also into account that many insurance agents work not with one, but with several companies. If because of inefficient process of registration of the commission on the signed agreements the company detains payments to the agent — will he bring the following client into it?

Application of BPM gives those bigger effect, than the number of participants of process are more. You can find more information here. We will consider as an example handling of an insured event on car insurance. There are involved: the driver (who can match, and can not match the insurer), the manager and the commissioner of an insurance company, independent experts, traffic police, car services. At the large companies interaction between branch and the central office is added to it.

Competitive advantages from implementation of business process management solution in the sphere of insurance:


The company with smoothly running process management will be ahead of competitors in development of the new markets, whether it be a new perspective view of insurance services, the neighboring region or other countries.
Appeals to increase quality of service can’t give effect in the traditional, functional and organized companies. In such structures own interests of employees or the interests of divisions appear above the interests of the client which, eventually, are the interests of the company. Process management when it is brought to a logical conclusion, extends to the business analysis, operational planning and material stimulation of employees. Only in case of such approach it is possible to achieve that the interests of the employee don’t contradict, and match the interests of the client and the company — it provides high-quality service better than any admonitions and acceptances of personnel management.